ADU & SB9 Information



An ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit. In other words, an additional house on your property. ADU's were approved by the California legislature to help increase the supply of affordable housing. However, the law is broad and allows each city to develop their own specific local ordinances and requirements. 

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As you might expect of government, there's bound to be red tape or complex regulations that make planning your ADU difficult. More importantly, each property has it's own limitations due to its unique shape, set-backs open space and lot size. 

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NEW!  ADU Funding for Homeowners.

CalFHA's ADU Grant Program provides up to $40,000 to reimburse pre-development costs associated with planning and building an ADU. Call us for more information.


SB 9 is the Senate Bill known as the HOME Act (California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency), refers to the California Senate Bill that requires cities to allow one additional unit to be constructed on property zoned for single-dwelling parcels. SB9, signed into law on Sept, 16, 2021 alters the municipal review process for 2-unit housing development on single-family lots and for the subdivision of the property. Specifically, where the review process used to be "discretionary" on a subjective case-by-case basis, it is now subject to ministerial approval, consistently applied objectively. This change will simplify and expedite the permitting process, making it easier for more homeowners to build additional housing on their property.

We have a team of experienced architects, engineers and contractors, who can answer all your questions as you move forward step-by-step. The obvious place to start is to speak with someone who can discuss your goals and advise you on a good course of action. Call and ask for Ernie for short chat. You are welcome to call 24/7. If we can't answer, leave a message and we'll call back as soon as we can.

SB9 went into statewide effect on Jan 1, 2022. However, local municipalities are allowed to impose their own design standards and limitations, as long as they do not conflict with state law.


The California Department of Housing developed comprehensive information that includes the legislative background,  current laws and FAQ's to help you learn about ADU's. We have the entire guide available as a 40-page PDF that we can send you. Simply click the link below.

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  • Add additional house on your property for multi-generational family.
  • Potential income from rental of additional unit.
  • No need to purchase additional property.
  • An opportunity to update or rempdel certain aspects of your existing home.
  • Potential to subdivide and sell a portion of your property at a profit.
  • And too many more possibilities to list here.